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BMW Fast Service

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What is BMW FastServiceTM

BMW FastServiceTMis a re-engineered, branded service process that places a premium on time and lifestyle needs. BMW FastServiceTM is not the same as waiting. Qualifying services include:

  • BMW Oil Service  
  • BMW Fuel Injector Cleaning  
  • Brake Services  
  • Battery Replacement  
  • Special-Order Part Installations  
  • Tire Services  
  • Tire Pressure Monitor Reset  
  • Vehicle maintenance check  
  • Light Bulb Replacement

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There are four steps to Fast Lane Service

1. Contact our Service Department on (973) 671-9318.Our team will immediately check whether the work can be completed as a Fast Service, how long it is expected to take and how much it will cost. 
2. Bring in your BMW. You arrive prior to the appointment time and your BMW is checked in immediately so work can begin without delay. 
3. Enjoy our hospitality. Relax, finish some work, enjoy the wide range of facilities and your short stay can be productive. 
4. Drive away. With all work completed within the agreed time, your BMW is ready for the road. 
The next time your BMW needs routine service and maintenance, why not ask about Fast  Service? It could save you time and trouble - we will ensure that both you and your BMW get the very best care and attention.
For more information contact us: (973) 671-9318
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