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BMW $0 maintenance at JMK BMW Springfield, NJ

Compare the true cost of other luxury vehicles repairs and maintenance to the exceptional value of a BMW car purchase. Call us now to further explain and clarify any other questions you may have about the BMW maintenance program.

Learn more, ask us for more details on the BMW Ultimate Service™, Residual Value BMW Assist™, Safety & Convenience Plan
CARLOS DUARTE our JMK BMW Service Director at:

NO charges for BMW Service...
The time is now to purchase a BMW from JMK BMW of Springfield

BMW at JMK BMW has the Ultimate BMW Service Program
For most luxury cars, maintenance is a hidden cost to consider.
When you compare maintenance programs, see why we offer the best plan for you long term.

The BMW Maintenance Program* is one of the most comprehensive programs in its class and it offers the longest coverage period.

JMK BMW will offer you a low bmw payment and also a “ 0 maintenance coverage” on all factory-recommended maintenance at no charge for 4 years or 50,000 miles, Which ever comes first, as well as items that need replacement due to regular wear and tear.

Your maintenance costs:
  • Scheduled inspections: $0
  • Brake Pads: $0
  • Brake Rotors: $0
  • Engine Belts: $0
  • Oil Changes: $0
  • Wiper Blade Inserts: $0
  • Inspections: $0
  • Fluid Services: $0

JMK BMW offers such a comprehensive maintenance program with every new vehicle, We JMK BMW of NJ are to help you manage the cost of ownership and keep maintenance costs down.

Consider this, the best time to buy an drive BMW at a low lease of $289.00 Call us now to find out more 866-327-3087
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