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What are my responsibilities at the end of the lease term for my BMW?
Ask the Client Care Department to make sure your end of lease process is as hassle free as possible.

When should I start planning for my next BMW?

Approximately 3 months (90 days) from the end of lease is the best time to start researching your next BMW.
Contact the Client Care Department and they will arrange for consultation with your BMW Client Advisor.

What are the options that have at the end of my lease?

You have 3 different Options available to you: 1. Select your next BMW and chose from our in-stock inventory, order you next BMW built to your own specifications, or choose one of our certificated pre-owned BMW’s.
2. Keep your current BMW and have it certified through us at JMK to extend your current factory warranty.
3. Turn in your BMW

What if I order a new BMW with JMK and still has not come in? Do I have option to extend my lease?

Just ask the Client Care Department to contact BMW Financial Services to extend your current lease at the same payment until your new BMW arrives.

What is the penalty I will receive if I turn in my BMW with excess miles?

You will be charged $.20 cents per mile for all 3 and 5 series and SUV’s and $.25 for all 7 series.

When and how can I buy extra mileage?

The Extra Mileage Purchase Policy allows you to purchase extra mileage at discounted rate with 120 days or more remaining on your BMW lease account. The cost would be $.16 on all 3 and 5 series and SUV’s and $.22 for all 7 series. You can pay in the lump sum or the payments can be spread over the remaining monthly payments. Please note, these miles are not refundable if you do not drive the additional miles that are purchased.

What type of charges will I be responsible for if there is damage on my BMW?

For your convenience you can access the official BMW USA Wear and Use Guidelines page by clicking on the navigation button above. Additionally you will receive a lease and packet in the mail from BMW reviewing the same information 90 days from the end of your lease maturing.

Where should I schedule the inspection and who shall I see?

You can have your preliminary and final inspection performed free of charge here at JMK
BMW, Contact the Client Care Department to schedule the appointment.

Please Contact our Client Care Department for any other questions or concerns with your BMW Lease

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