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JMK’s Green Initiative

At JMK we care about the environment. Our new BMW building was built with energy efficiency in mind.
  1. Our new BMW building uses UV resistant glass which is highly tinted to reduce heat gain thus reducing our energy usage in the summer months
  2. 97% of the lighting fixtures throughout the building are Compact Florescent light fixtures (CFL)
  3. Our two decks (50,000 square feet) utilize energy efficient lighting and are controlled by motion sensors and timers.
  4. Many rooms and offices are controlled by motion sensors and timers.
  5. Our entire HVAC and lighting system is controlled via a pc based system which uses remote temperature sensors and light sensors to turn on and off lighting and HVAC.
  6. High speed garage doors have been installed in 3 of our buildings. These high speed doors allow vehicles to enter and exit quicker, thus allowing less heat or A/C loss and reducing our energy usage.
Our Latest green initiative.

Roof Top 2013 - JMK BMW of Springfield NJ is happy to announce that we have expanded once again. Earlier this year JMK BMW NJ, completed construction of a 3rd level parking area to our existing parking deck. This third level holds 72 cars and utilizes the latest energy savings technology with respect to lighting. Using a combination of LED and CFL light fixtures, JMK was able to attain the same light levels on the new deck using 8 LED and CFL fixtures instead of using 20 Metal Halide fixtures. This will result in an energy savings of about 70% over standard, old technology lighting.

In May 2011, JMK completed installation of a 112 KW solar panel array which is housed on the roof of our vehicle preparation building. The solar system generates enough electricity to power 97.3% of that building.

From May 2011 to December 2011, the solar panel system has generated the equivalent environmental benefit of:
  • Planting 1,757 trees
  • Driving 158,782 passenger miles in a vehicle
  • Energy used in 6 standard houses each year

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